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22 March 2023

37m 1s

Author Anita Kelly Live! (Recorded)



"I would never in my life want to do this, but I enjoyed reading about it." This is the audio from our in store book launch with Anita Kelly for their latest romance Something Wild & Wonderful which, if you follow us on Instagram, you will already know that Becca cried her way through. In a good way. This is one of our favorite conversations yet. You’ll hear Anita talk about their background as a romance reader and writer, the process of getting Something Wild & Wonderful from great idea to final draft, how they approached writing what is a version of a classic queer trauma narrative in a realistic but hopeful way, writing hiking that hard core PCT through-hikers approve of, the trials and tribulations of writing a book where nothing really happens (which we mean as a high compliment), discovering they’d written an autistic main character. You’ll also get a sneak peek at book 3 in this series and a discussion of Alanna of Trebond as an underappreciated queer icon.