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22 May 2024

56m 45s

Author Liana De la Rosa, a Pod Exclusive



Today, we have Becca’s chat with author Liana De la Rosa, whose next novel, Isabel and the Rogue, is a Victorian-set historical romp about a Mexican wallflower unofficially spying on the British aristocracy and an actual British spy unofficially spying on her. It’s out June 4th.

Liana talks about: Her personal history of romance reading; What is so compelling about historical romance; Writing complex family dynamics; How she approaches historical research so that rabbit holes don’t derail her writing; How she keeps the plot pacey while making sure readers are up to speed on the important background information; All the ideas she has up her sleeve, including a historical romance about mountain climbers in the Himalayas that she’s already written but that hasn’t yet been published; And, of course, she shares some books she’s loved recently.