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Meet Cute Romance Bookshop

28 June 2023

55m 37s

Author & Editor Camille Kellogg, a Pod Exclusive



Today, we have Becca's chat with author and editor Camille Kellogg, who works as a Middle Grade and YA editor during the day, and whose debut novel, Just As You Are, a queer Pride & Prejudice retelling set in modern day New York City, came out this past April.

Camille talks about the romcom movies of her childhood and how she ended up as a Middle Grade and Young Adult book editor. 

Then she and Becca get into it about their favorite Pride & Prejudice film adaptations. They talk about the particular joys of writing a retelling (and the pain of finding the right title). Camille talks about gender identity as a central theme in this book and discusses her writing process and what it’s been like to be on both the editing and writing side of the publishing industry.

Camille and Becca get on a tangent about other genre fiction they love and books that have stuck with them since they were tweens

·      And, of course, Camille shouts out some books she’s loved recently.


***PROGRAMMING NOTE: This is the final episode of our first season! Thank you all so much for tuning in! We hope to be back in the fall with Season 2!***