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06 March 2024

1h 11m 32s

Author C.M. Nascosta, a Pod Exclusive



Today, we have Becca's chat with author C.M. Nascosta, an indie author who writes cozy monster romance. You may know her from her breakout hit Morning Glory Milking Farm. 


C.M. talks about her introduction to genre romance, what she thinks was behind her first viral book and what going viral felt like from her perspective, how she approaches indie publishing as a business and how she works with her collaborators like artists and editors, her thoughts on having multiple pen names, her writing process and how she keeps track of the extended Cambric Creek Universe, and what’s next for her (and maybe what the next big thing is in the world of fantasy romance).  Then there's a little aside about You’ve Got Mail and Late Stage Capitalism, and, of course, C.M. shares some books she’s loved recently.


You can follow C.M. Nascosta on Instagram @cmnascosta and on her website!