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08 May 2024

1h 58s

Author Kaliane Bradley, a Pod Exclusive



Today, we have Becca's chat with author Kaliane Bradley, whose debut novel, The Ministry of Time, which she somewhat jokingly describes as “a time-travel romance about empire, bureaucracy, and cigarettes,” just came out May 7th.


Kaliane talks about the theatrical production that made her start writing again after university, the experience of being a debut author, how she thinks about this book in relation to genre, how her lockdown obsession with the TV show The Terror became a complicated novel centering on a footnote of a historical figure, the ways in which writing this book influenced her thinking about mixed race identity, a bit about her other job – being an editor with Penguin Classics UK – and how it’s influenced her writing, her writing process itself, the ways in which this book uses time travel a metaphor for migration, a sneak peek at what she’s working on now…and, of course, she shares some books she’s loved recently.